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Get a Personal Tax Return Extension for 2009

According to many tax professionals and MSN Money one of the best ways to avoid an IRS audit to file your return as late as possible. And filing an extension extends the period of time before you need to file, that is even better. Now with FileLater LC, you can wait until October 15th to file your return as long as you’re getting a refund or have already paid the amount due by April 15th.

Easy Process

Just minutes to complete with special pricing prior to the 15th of February, FileLater is ideal for personal returns and 2008 business tax returns. In just three easy steps you’ll be able to wait an extra 6 months to file your return. Step 1 is provide the personal information required and FileLater LC offers a secure web application protected by McAfee for your data entry. Step 2 is estimate if you’ll get a refund or owe money. You’ll need to pay any taxes owed by April 15th regardless of when you file your return. Step 3 is file your extension and receive confirmation of acceptance.

All Types of Personal Returns

Not only can you file an extension for the basic 1040 returns but also for more complex returns. Returns that have a Schedule C Sole Proprietorship can be extended. Single Member LLC returns can be extended for those protected assets with limited liability corporations. And returns containing IRS form 4868 can also be extended with FileLater LC.


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    I have heard that government has made new software it is going to simplify the tax process.But by reading above article, i think process going to become more complex.

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