Help Me In My Tax Preparation

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Help Me In My Tax Preparation

Nothing can make you grind your teeth more than the thought of tax preparations. Fortunately, there are some people making a living out of this.

If thinking about preparing your taxes raises your anxiety level, then stop, you don’t have to worry. This tax preparation job can be easily outsourced to other people. These people are known as tax preparers who prepare and file tax returns throughout the year. It will be of help to know the different types of tax preparers available in the market.

The basic tax preparers work at a low fee and have the least expertise. Most of these professionals are part-timers. For a simple tax condition such as basic W2 salaries without any home ownership, it is the best choice.

A more advanced form of tax preparers are the enrolled agents. IRS provides licenses to these people and they need to keep up their educational standards to protect their licenses. But they don’t have any formal education in tax or finance. Compared to basic preparers, the enrolled agents are more competent, but much less compared to a CPA. For a tax situation that requires basic 1040 filing along with some schedules, an enrolled agent would be a good choice. But if you need more sophisticated actions such as reducing your tax payments, then you would be better off approaching a CPA.

A certified public accountant or CPA is licensed as well as highly trained. It’s really a difficult task to pass the boards in order to become a CPA. After becoming a CPA, he or she is needs to pursue approximately another 40 hours of education. But the bottom line of using a CPA is that with higher competencies, the cost of service also rises proportionately. Most CPAs are worth the money you spend on them as they can guide you well with all your overall tax planning.

Then there are tax attorneys. They can provide you with more sophisticated tax plans to save huge money. The tax attorneys also can look after situations when you get pulled for an audit by the IRS. CPAs are good enough to handle any tax issue raised by IRS, but they hardly have any clue regarding evidentiary laws. For any kind of legal issues raised by the IRS, you will need a tax attorney to fight for it.

So, who would be the right person for your tax preparations? The answer to this question rests on the type of financial condition you are in and your objective. Normally the equation is simple: more complexities need more competencies. If you can afford it, go for a CPA. If the CPA is good enough, your savings will be far more compared to the fee are paying.

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