Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?


Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

Marital status and your annual income are the two deciding factors in determining how much of your Social Security Benefits are taxable. The really good news is that Social Security Benefits are not taxable if they are your only income for the tax year. And since your only income is not taxable, filing a return with the IRS is not necessary. Two great advantages.

If you did work during the year or had other forms of income then you will need to determine how much of your Social Security Benefits will be taxed. There is a worksheet to complete in the instruction book for the 1040 or the 1040A forms. The quick check is to add 50% of your SS Benefits to your other income and see if the amount is here than the ‘base’ amount for your filing status.

Base amounts are $32,000 for married couples filing jointly, $25,000 for un-married tax filers and married tax filers who did not live with their spouse, and $0 for married couples that are filing separately. Another case were filing separately as a married couple increases your tax burden with the Federal government. For complete instruction take a look at Publication 915.

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