Notify the IRS When You Move

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Notify the IRS When You Move

If you move addresses during the year and especially during the tax season, make sure to notify the IRS of your new address. Form 8822 is the IRS form for changing your address on file with the taxing authority. Completing this form and send it to the IRS is important. Other options are also available.

When you file your tax return, you can change your mailing address on the mailing label that comes with your tax forms. This will notify the IRS of your new address quickly. You can also write your new address on the 1040 form in the address area of the form. Finally you can write your local IRS office and in written form, notify them of your address change.

Make sure to notify your employer and other companies supplying tax documents to you. You want to make sure all tax forms are delivered directly to your new address and do not get lost with the postal service or returned to the company. Forwarding your mail with the post office is also important. Make sure to complete an address change form with the USPS.

If you pay estimated payments utilizing a voucher provided by the IRS, continue to use the old vouchers until the IRS sends you new vouchers with your new address printed them on you. The IRS shares data with the USPS so your new address is shared with the IRS automatically when you tell the post office, but you should contact the IRS directly to ensure they have your correct address.

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