Sometimes Overlooked Tax Deductions

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Sometimes Overlooked Tax Deductions

Every year many mistakes are made by US taxpayers as they file their income taxes for the year. Many of the mistakes are related to address, names, and social security numbers. But some of the mistakes are related to tax deductions. If you miss a tax deduction that you are eligible for, you could be missing out on a decent sized amount of money.

State sales tax is a deduction that is sometimes missed. For states that do not have a state income tax, deducting the sales tax is the best selection of the two options to deduct. Local sales tax is also deductible. In some rare causes, deducting sales tax is better than deducting income tax when there is income tax to deduct.

Many taxpayers fail to adjust their basis on investments when dividends are reinvested. This mutual fund mistake can cost you a lot when you claim your capital gains on investments with reinvested dividends. Make sure to step up your basis every time dividends are used to purchase more shares of a fund.

Finally, forgetting to deduct cash contributions to charities can be expensive. Make sure to track the amount of cash contributions you make during the year to authorized charitable organizations and include them with your non-cash contributions on your Schedule A. Those weekly donations for $5.00 can add up quickly and save you money at tax time.

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  1. Ruth
    Posted October 21, 2010 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    My taxes have been a mess of late; miss one payment and you are screwed. 🙁

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