Get the Biggest Refund Guaranteed With TaxACT

TaxACT is a great service that simplifies your tax refund service and does so for free. But perhaps the biggest benefit is the guaranteed increase in the size of the refund itself. TaxACT offers a pledge backed up by many different programs and functions in its up to date system.

Tax Act

TaxACT utilizes an examiner series that covers Credits, Deductions, and Income for maximum return on your refund. Stock Assistant is specially designed to quickly assess the state of your stock income. Audit Assistant will steer you safely through the nightmare scenario of being audited. There are also loan and savings calculators to help determine payments including interest rates and amounts within a given time period. There are even TaxACT alerts which will pop up to let you know of any savings opportunities you may have passed over.

In addition to the many different programs running to ensure that every possible advantage is not missed when you file your income tax returns, TaxACT offers unlimited support for any and all questions in order to ensure that the process of filing your taxes is done in as accurate a manner as possible.

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The thorough and meticulous programs and systems put in place by TaxACT begin to be especially useful when considering the more complicated tax returns. If you are filing under circumstances of marriage, divorce, the purchase or sale of a house, or many other circumstances. TaxACT covers 1040, 1040A, and 1040ez as well as Schedules A,B,C,D,E, and F. When dealing with tax returns that have many different factors it is much more possible to miss potential tax breaks which could dramatically increase your refund.

If your priority this tax season is to get the most money you possibly can, TaxACT is your best choice. Not only is the service free and much simpler than filing your own taxes, but more importantly you will get a bigger refund.

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