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Tips on Reducing Property Taxes

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It’s bad enough when you have to pay taxes at the department store, grocery store or on your personal income, but it can be extremely frustrating having to pay taxes on a property that you own, and not only that, but having to do it each and every year. Those taxes can easily reach into the thousands of dollars or more and can put a severe strain on your personal finances. However, there may be several ways to lower the property tax amount that you are paying; ways that if aren’t taken advantage of, could cost you hundreds or … Read more at 2009 Taxes

Affected by the housing crisis?

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If you are one of the millions affected by the housing crisis, and last year managed to get your home sold to another buyer in a pre-foreclosure or short sale, then I have some good news and some bad news. If the amount that the sale was short of the mortgage debt was forgiven by your lender, as commonly happens, and you walked away from the house owing nothing, then the bad news is that the canceled debt which was forgiven is viewed as ordinary income by the IRS. It does not matter that you never saw any money, … Read more at 2009 Taxes