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Handy Tips to Using an Online Calculator

The introduction of the internet has ushered in a multitude of online calculators freely available for anyone who needs them. From basic calculators to the most complex calculus equations, to mortgage and auto loan calculators, name it and you will find it online. With just a few clicks here and there, you can easily arrive at the number you are looking for.

Calculators have become an important tool evidenced by the fact that most of our households and offices today are filled with them, we have them on our mobile phones. PDA’s and watches. With the wide array of calculators … Read more at 2009 Taxes

TaxAct – Free Federal Tax Filing

TaxAct – Free Federal Tax Filing

If you are looking for free federal tax filing for your 2008 taxes here in 2009, TaxAct has a great product for you that is completely free for all federal tax returns. After 10 years of providing there outstanding software to consumers across the country, you can depend on the features present within their product for ease of use and also rely on the accuracy of their returns. And not only is it free to prepare your return with TaxAct but it is also free to print your return and free to electronically file … Read more at 2009 Taxes