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Options for Investing for Your Retirement

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Many people get nervous when it comes to thinking about retirement investing. It can be a very confusing process with complicated terms and options available. However, it is vitally important to save for your future. The earlier you start the better when it comes to saving for retirement. The successful investors are the ones who consistently put money away no matter what the markets are doing. To reach your financial retirement goals there are a couple of options available to most people.


If you work for an employer who offers a 401(k), or similar plan, it is quite easy … Read more at 2009 Taxes

When is Borrowing from Your 401k a Good Idea?

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While many financial experts claim you should avoid borrowing from your 401k as much as possible, it may be your only financial life line in certain situations.  Because so many people often don’t have enough or anything at all saved toward retirement, financial experts claim you could be setting yourself up for financial disaster when you are ready to retire.  On the other hand, depending on your situation, it may make sense to borrow.

If you have considered other financial options such as borrowing from friends, family or home equity line of credit, a loan against your 401k may be … Read more at 2009 Taxes

How to Properly Plan For Your Golden Years

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You’ve probably heard the startling statistics: more than 80% of people are either dead, or dead broke by the age of 65. If that doesn’t have you sitting up and paying attention, then nothing will. The fact is you need to start planning now, no matter how old you are, in order to assure you are part of the 20%, not the 80%. Too many people depend on the government or their company’s pensions to survive. Sadly, in today’s world that just isn’t enough. You need to increase your investments and get a good return on them so you can … Read more at 2009 Taxes