Free Tax Return Filing

Free Tax Return Filing

If you are in search of an online service that still provides a way for you to file your 2008 taxes before the end of the year, Free Tax USA is the solution you have been looking for. Although e-filing of tax returns for 2008 ended on October 15, 2009, you can still prepare your tax return online for free and mail in your completed forms. Something you may not have know until now. FreeTaxUSA is one of the few online providers that helps individuals complete their taxes online for past years that they have failed to file for.

Tax Act

Free Services

As long as your Federally Adjusted Gross Income is less than $56,000 you can file you Federal Income Tax return for free. But other services are priced just right for everyone. Including $9.95 for Federal filing when your adjusted income is above $56,000 and $9.95 for State Income Tax returns.

Great Benefits

Free Tax USA is easy to use, 100% accurate guaranteed, Fast, Safe, Secure, and Inexpensive. Your information is safely stored and transmitted using SSL encryption. Plus you have protection if there is a calculation error on your tax return. Free Tax USA will pay all penalties and interest in such cases. You’re tax return accuracy is guaranteed.

Other great services in addition to free preparation and e-filing, Free Tax USA offers printed tax returns mailed to your home, professionally bounded tax returns, your tax return on a CD-Rom, and free access to past tax returns online. And when you file your taxes next year with Free Tax USA, your information will transfer to the new year. So if your address and employers have not changed, their information will be ready for you to work with.


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    The appears to be one of the few companies still offering free 2008 tax filing. I will give it a try.

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