Paul Ryan Taxes To Be Released

Paul Ryan Taxes To Be Released

Following in the footsteps of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan has agreed to release his tax returns for the past two years.

The ‘Paul Ryan taxes’ story broke when he announced that he would be releasing the details of his 2010 and 2009 taxes onĀ  CBS’ “60 Minutes” television program.

As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan has made quite a stir in the political world with his proposed Social Security and Medicare policies.

According to an assessment made by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Ryan’s net wealth is estimated to be anywhere between $2 million and $7.7 million.

Despite these large figures, Ryan insists that voters want to know about the economy (and how it can be improved) and are not bothered about the contents of his tax returns and how much money he makes (which is estimated to be $174,000 a year).

Speaking to CBS’ Bob Schieffer, Ryan said: “They’re asking where the jobs are. Where’s the economic growth. Those are the issues that matter”.

Romney, who is with an estimated net worth of around $250 million, has long been criticized for his reluctance to make his tax returns public, despite pressure from President Obama.

The speculation as to whether Paul Ryan would release his tax returns was something that had been boiling up for a while, with several news outlets (such as ABC News and Yahoo News) all publishing stories titled “Will Paul Ryan Release His Tax Returns?”

It was public knowledge that Ryan handed turned over “several years” of tax returns (how many years no-one quite knows) to Romney’s office during as part of the vice presidential vetting process. However, whether any of those tax returns were to be made public was speculated upon for some time, and it seems that only now we have an answer.