Credits to Reduce Your Taxes

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Credits to Reduce Your Taxes

A tax credit reduces your tax bill by the exact amount of the credit and is therefore the number #1 way to reduce your tax burden. And for some will little income, credits can actually create a refund beyond what was paid to the government for the tax year.

Child Tax Credit

For each child an individual or a couple have, they receive a tax credit of $1,000 above the $3,500 child tax exemption. There are income limits on the $1,000 credit which are $75,000 for single tax payers and $110,000 for married couples. At these two levels the credit begins to phase out. There is also an Additional Child Tax Credit that you may be eligible for if you are not eligible for the Child Tax Credit.

Earned Income Credit

For taxpayers that do not earn above certain thresholds, the earned income credit provides a large credit which often is more than what the individual paid into the federal tax revenue fund. If a taxpayer has two children and earns less than $41, 646 a year or a taxpayer has one child and earns less than $36,995 a year or a taxpayer with no children earns less than $15,880 a year, they are eligible for the credit.