Nevada Consistently Ranks at the Top for Quality of Life

Nevada ranks high on many lists of top places to live and work.  Reno especially has worked hard improving quality of life for residents.  The past 20 years have been spent revamping the area around Truckee River, located near the new AAA baseball stadium.  Parks and a performing arts center have been added and many large firms have set up locations in Reno drawing in a younger more educated population to stay.

Housing prices in Reno have dropped about 52% in the last 4 years making it an ideal place to relocate to.  North-western Nevada boasts some of the best whitewater in the country.

Recently Reno was named on of the “2010 Smarter Cities” for their investment in green power, energy efficiency measures and conservation by the Natural Resources Defense Council’s online resource center.  The cities were judged on ten criteria:

  • Electricity consumption (kWh) per capita:
  • EPA Defined Green Power:
  • Distributed Generation Policies:
  • State Legislated Energy Reduction:
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory:
  • City-Level Targets and Policies for Reduced Energy Consumption:
  • Conservation Incentives:
  • Energy services
  • Tracking progress
  • Innovation

Reno is close to every season of outdoor adventure.  The area includes the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe.  Reno isn’t just about casinos and gambling anymore.  It has become more family friendly in recent years with more activity options besides the gaming industry.

Another reason Reno is at the top of the list for quality of life is the ability to start your own business.  Nevada ranks among the best states to incorporate a business in.  Even during these rough economic times small businesses are opening up at a high rate.  Because Nevada is a business friendly state the economic outlook is ranked high in the nation.  There are many advantages and benefits to incorporate in the state of Nevada.

By: Shannon John

Marketing Manger, Laughlin Associates, Inc.

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